This portfolio will contain

This is an unfinished project meant to explore and showcase web development skills.


Tools I used to make this portfolio

This portfolio does not (yet) include

  • custom deployment scripts, because serverless has good enough defaults for now,
  • spelling mistakes or authentication tokens 🤞.


My to-do list for this portfolio

  • a styling framework with the following layers and CSS Properties for each layer
    • a dynamic colour palette
    • a typography palette
    • a spacing scale
    • interactive element styles and components
    • keyframes
    • layout components from Every Layout from an npm package (credit missing)
    • grid layout using @react-css/grid
  • a request queue for API calls
  • an offline cache
  • optimized images
  • a Three.js fidget cube
  • a D3 graph
  • a sitemap
  • several modern CSS features
  • a Dockerfile ;)